Why Skin gets Blotchy and Uneven?

Over time, capillaries or veins can burst and give an unseemly look, especially if this happens on your chin, cheeks and nose. This happens to 60% of women and to a lesser percentage, to men. Rosacea is another condition responsible for unnatural redness and some pimples. These conditions can be a cause for embarrassment, affect your social life and hamper professional progress. The revolutionary Candela GentleLASE technology from NUDE Skin and Laser Clinic removes off these blemishes and restores healthy, glowing looks.

How NUDE Skin and Laser Candela Solution Works?

NUDE offers a neat, clinical, professional, fast and quick Candela GentleLASE solution to obliterate vascular lesions and Rosacea. During each sitting, precisely focused beams of pulsed laser light erase these broken capillaries, smooth out skin tissue and help rebuild even tone once healing starts without any evidence of scar tissue. You will feel only a slight pricking sensation during each session. The pulsed laser beams penetrate to epidermal depth, seek out dead capillaries, breaks them down, dissolves them and helps the body eliminate them during the healing process. Redness and swelling are common but these subside within 48 hours, aided by appropriate and recommended skin care products to suit your specific skin type and condition.


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